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FTP – A great way to exchange files

Learning the basics of Internet Marketing is also to be able to exchange files from your computer to the host computer and vice-versa.
Many people may recommend it using cPanel, which offers a variety of things you can do. However, I’d like to focus on the very simple file-moving system called FTP (File Transfer Protocol). FTP is completely free if you do search for an ftp client. I personally like to use “FileZilla”, but there are many others that are no-cost and available to use.


Just like any file manager, you get to view both your own computer’s hard drive, and the host computer. You’ll fill in Host, Username and Password. These you’ll get from your host, mostly by email. So save these data, because you’ll need it.
You then drag the files back and forth, whether you want to upload or download the files you have altered. Go ahead and do a Google search to find out more on how to use FTP programs.

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