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Adsense, the simplest form of making money online

There is no doubt that you have seen those little “mini-ads” that shows up on websites throughout the web. If you take those ads and place them on your blog or your website, YOU will get paid anytime somebody clicks on them!

Go ahead to Google.com and sign up for their Adsense program. It is right there under “advertising programs” on the main page. Take your time and look around.


Whatever topic you choose to write about on your blog, the ads that you are going to place will act like a chameleon and those ads will match that subject. Even the color can you change.


Now go ahead in and practice making the little ads, and copying and pasting the proper code onto your website or blog. But be careful, you may not have more than 3 places to put an add in a page / post, and don’t click on the links yourself. That’s the Rules of Google!
(You may find google banning you if you don’t follow the Rules of Google)


Some topics you choose to write about will actually be more lucrative than others.
For instance, if you were to write about criminal law, there would be attorneys advertising their services which would yield a higher payout per click!
Still, I suggest you write about a subject that you enjoy.
The only challenge left is getting traffic to your website or blog so you can get those clicks!

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