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Squeeze Pages

Today the day important in Internet Marketing is the use of Squeeze Pages.
Those are the mini websites that are just one page, where you offer a freebie or some other sort of incentive, in exchange for the reader’s name and email. Sometimes you may just collect their email, the name is handy (for personalization later) but not crucial.

The best squeeze pages, also known as opt-in pages are simple with a big fat headline and as few words as possible. A video on a squeeze page can work wonders as well.
Squeeze Pages are the heart and soul of Internet Marketing because they are important to start building a list of subscribers for yourself.

The best way to get started is to get a hold of something called a “Master Resale Rights” product, with “giveaway rights”. That means you can purchase this product (sometimes you can even get it for free (like mine 😉 on the home page or right side of this blog), and you can then start giving it out using your squeeze page.

Where can you find Master Resale Rights / Private Label Rights products?
I have a membershipsite veryamazingdeals where you can register for a free account (for downloading free products) or a paid account ($9,97 p/m) where you can download everything with MRR, PLR, RR or GiveAway Rights! (I think the cheapest on the web 😉 )

Or go to plr-mrr-dimesales.com where you can buy (for now) 450 Master Resale Rights / Private Label Rights for just $7!

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