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How To Treat Your New List


how to treat your listIn order to monetize the list, you need to treat your list members right.
Feed them with updates to help them out, to help them get started like you.
Alternately, you can provide offers, often of low-cost items at first, that you think they would be interested in.
I would not recommend pricey items above $100 until you gain a large following of 2,500 or more.


There are 2 ways to “speak” to your list:

  1. through the “followup”, or timed feature where your emails go out at regular intervals. You stack those emails up ahead of time with information or even sales pitches. When new members come onboard your list, they will run into these emails from you at various pre-determined times such as day 1, day 3, day5, etc.
  2. through “broadcasts” that you make as you release new products. That means you speak to your entire subscriber base whenever you feel like it. If you want to point them to a timely blog post you made, or you want to sell them something special, these broadcasts will be your main way for getting the message out!

It is preferable NOT to send out more than one of these per day, although some marketers send out more daily. Try to keep it up at least once per week, or your list members will think you are a flash in the pan, someone who isn’t working at this full-time.

You will get people “unsubscribing” from your list with almost every single email you send, so don’t stop trying to buid your list!

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