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Video 4 – How to write informative articles


Fast Cash Video Training Course –

Video 4 – How to write informative articles that will get you massive results with your campaign



Find 10 keyword phrases where you can focus on, like ‘How to lose weight naturally’.


The word count of the article is good anywhere between 350 – 500. If you have more than 400 words, you’ll have the chance to be approved in the more popular article directories like ezinearticles.com.


Try to have ‘some meat’ to your content (quality articles), have a nice ballance. You don’t want to give your readers all of the information in the articles, you want to leave them open at the end of the articles. You want to try to leave them wanting more and that will encourage them to end up clicking on your link which then could lead to your affiliatelink (which is really what this system is all about, to get a $100 a day 🙂 )


In the next video after we do this writing, we are gonna show you how to select your affiliate program and also the proces of setting up your landingspage where you are sending traffic to!


So… In the content you will write it is important to try to include the keyword phrases as many times as possible. Try to include it where it makes sense. Try to include it a couple of times in the first paragraph, a few in the last paragraph and anywhere in between where it makes sense. Here is really no keyword density, you just want to make sure that you are gonna include it, because it is important to the process.


Write short and informative articles!
Do some solid nice research and copy some bulletpoints from other articles, take some ideas from other sites. The main point here is that you just copy and paste nice bullutpoints to go from.


Start with at least 10 unique articles and once you have written out, save them in a word document.


In the next step I want to show you also how to rewrite your articles.




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