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Video 2 – Select your niche market quickly and effectively


Fast Cash Video Training Course – Video 2 – Select your niche market quickly and effectively



Now you need to go online and choose your niche market!
The niche market is so important because this is what your entire campaign will be based upon. Youn need to find a niche market where you can easily find effective solutions for people.


So… Go to Clickbank.com


and go to Marketplace (at the top in the menu).

If you look for high ‘Gravity’ products, you can quickly narrow down some potential niches like muscle building, panic attacks, diets…

clickbank gravity

You can browse in the Clickbank Marketplace and look in different categories like ‘Home & Family’ category (is recently ‘Parenting & Families’ d.d. 2015) like ‘Magic Making Up’, Getting your ex back’…


There are different marketplaces where you can help people solve their problems!




Dummies.com is basically the website for the dummies books (the books that you see on Amazon and in local bookstores).


People online are buying dummies books all the time.
Before they produce a book they spend a lot of money for researching, understanding what the market wants. So they did all the research for you!


They’re not gonna spend thousands of Dollars to market new books and new titles, if it’s not going to sell and be popular!


Look in their store and get an idea of potential niche markets (http://www.dummies.com/store.html) .

For example: ‘Health’ category: ‘Acne’ is something people struggle with and therefor they produced an entire book on acne. ‘Backpain remedies’ – a lot of people suffer from and a solution would be great for them to find. These would be potential ebooks and/or courses that people would be interested in buying.



WebMD is a health related website you can find different health conditions like heart disease, backpain, heart burn… Different things like skin problems, sleep disorders, ADHD, allergies. All these kind of things people want to have a solution for!


Find a niche market first what you think it’s gonna be profitable and make a lot of money and then go google.com and do a google search. Look for advertisements at the top and on the right. Look for popularity. Spend some time thinking of possible niche markets you can provide solutions for people because that is where is happens. If you provide a solution to a problem and you can make those affiliate commissions and generate a $100 or so per day eventually 🙂


The next video will be about researching a niche market!



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