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The Catalyst Program

The Catalyst ProgramRead More >>When I was a youth I used to tell people I wanted to be an entrepreneur but at the time I had no real clue what that really meant. I just knew you were able to make your own hours, be your own boss and to me that all sounded great! As time passed I became distracted, as many teenagers do, and started losing sight of my dream of being an entrepreneur. As even more time elapsed, I found myself mindlessly attending numerous boring classes at The University of North Texas. 

Then like a dramatic and unrealistic comic strip, a lightbulb went off in my head…my dream thankfully, was reignited. I didn’t care how or why, I just knew that with every fiber of my being I just had to become an entrepreneur. So I decided I was done with school and it was finally time to go all in and pursue my dream. 

With that settled, all I needed was the right idea, something I could build a business around. Fortunately for me my dad had been dabbling in online marketing for a couple years and making some respectable cash while still working his 9-5. Watching firsthand how he grew his business showed me that there was a real demand for marketers and marketing companies. As time passed I noticed a pattern, companies were marketing in a very "old school" type of way that was clearly very labor intensive, inefficient and expensive. So with that revelation, I began searching for a better/ quicker/ more effective way to market. All this searching led me to an inevitable conclusion "social media marketing." The grind began in earnest…

After more than 3 years of trial and error, countless hours of research, thousands of dollars spent on online courses and training… Read more…

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