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Blog MastermindRead More >>I founded the blog and I have made over a million dollars online in two years thanks to blogging.

When I first started I was just like you – in a situation where you have no readers coming to your blog.

It’s a challenging time for a new blogger because you publish content in an “echo chamber” where almost no one reads what you write.

Perhaps your family read your blog, maybe some friends – but you definitely do not have enough of an audience to actually make money with your blog.

A blog that is successful, has the attention of a large enough audience that you can derive income from it, using whatever method is most appropriate for your situation.

I’m here to tell you how you can set up an automated stream of traffic coming to your blog every single day that requires absolutely no extra work beyond writing to your blog on a consistent basis to maintain.

However, the fact is, at the beginning when you first start your blog, nobody knows it exists. You have to get out there and create fantastic content for it AND you have do things to build an audience.

When I first started my blog, I already had experience running internet businesses, but a blog is a little bit different.

I was writing regular content to my website and I knew that I had to go out there and do some marketing to bring attention to my blog, but I wasn’t really sure exactly what are the best techniques to use?

I did some research and quickly discovered that the challenge is not in finding techniques to grow your blog and build traffic – it’s figuring out which ones actually work!

I found myself overloaded with too… Read more…

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