Niche Profit Course

Niche Profit CourseRead More >>Get An Insider’s Sneak-Peak Into How I OWNED Amazon’s Affiliate Program, Earning $94,325.70 In Commissions…

This total excludes the money I got from selling my top-earning Amazon site in a deal worth over $100,000.

Module 1: The Basics
Covers the basic principles behind Amazon affiliate marketing.


Module 2: How To Find A Good Niche
This is where most people fail. I’ll show you what pitfalls to avoid while selecting the right niche to enter.


Module 3: How To Setup An Income Generating Blog
Here you’ll see the technical aspects of creating a WordPress website. If you’re a beginner this is a great introduction lesson to this powerful platform.


Module 3b: How To Customize AzonTheme
Included with your Niche Profit Course membership is the bonus WordPress theme Azon Theme – here we’ll show you how to use it.


Module 4: How To Write Content For Your Blog
Coming up with content ideas shouldn’t be difficult – and it’s not – if you know these simple content creation tricks.


Module 5: How To Make Money
This covers the lessons I’ve learned as an Amazon affiliate for the past several years and gives you the best tactics to maximize your revenue.


Module 6: How To Build Links And Get Traffic
Link building tactics are always changing, but in this video I’ll show you what I’ve used in the past and give you advice on how to try your own link building strategies in the future.


Module 7: Live Mini Site Case Studies
Learning from successful websites is a great way to take what you’ve learned and apply it to your own websites and that’s what we’ll do here.


Module 8: Live Authority Site Case Studies
Authority sites have greater income potential and here we’ll show you examples of those. Inside the members area as a bonus I also reveal the URL of a website I sold in a deal worth 6 figures.


Module 9: More Live Website Case Studies
Even more example websites to look at in this video.


Module 10: Niche Profit Course Wrap Up
Even more example websites to look at in this video.


Bonus Module: How To Outsource Amazon Sites
Time is our most precious resource and a lot of what you’ll learn in Niche Profit Course can be outsourced to others. In this video you’ll learn how I do it.


Bonus Module: Buying Domain Names After Market
Finding high quality domains can be difficult, but if you’re looking for a top quality domain name I’ll show you how to find them.


Bonus – WordPress AzonTheme ($47 Value)

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