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Fast, Easy Blogging – Great content, in less time

Fast, Easy Blogging - Great content, in less timeRead More >>Many of the world’s most successful speakers, authors or coaches use their blog as the primary method of building their authority online. That’s why you see so many successful people producing blog content on a regular basis.

Your blog is the vehicle that allows you to grow your audience,  establish trust with them, and even for you to “warm up” potential clients for successful sales conversations. I call the blog the Ultimate “Know, Like and Trust Generation Machine” (and for good reason).

Blogs holds the content that industry leaders share via social media. It allows them to build up their mailing lists, to sell via their websites and to display their products and services (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are good for distributing content, but leave a lot to be desired for sales conversions).

If you’re marketing any business online – whether you sell products, services or just your expertise – then the only way to grow the business is to increase your visibility. Basically, if you have a good product or service, you just need to get noticed by more people. Even if you’re not trying to become a “guru” or a public figure, you still need to grow your brand awareness.

We can all try to forge our own path online. Our own Facebook plan. Our own content strategy. Using Twitter to grow a following or networking via LinkedIn. But the fact is, you’ll save time and energy if you follow time-tested approaches to growing your business.

I use my Fast, Easy Blogging strategies to produce great consistent content and I frankly have more time to work on new products, consulting and sales while my blog builds up equity for me online.

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