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Blogging on Autopilot – Auto Blog Blueprint 3.0

Blogging on Autopilot - Auto Blog Blueprint 3.0Read More >>Hello. My Name is Mike Johnson and I am the Creator of the Auto Blog Blueprint. While other products keep getting released telling everyone on the web that you can make money at the push of a button, I am here to show you how this really works AGAIN!

Now, the Auto Blog Blueprint 3.0 will DELIVER the Knockout Punch to all the wanna be Auto Blog products on the web. The ABB has been delivering profits and success to everyone who has been a Member since the first Version was released in November 2009! Version 2.0 added 3000 Members to the mix and the Member Only Forum now has close to 20,000 Posts with the most Auto Blogging information ever collected in one place on the Web and that doesn’t even include the Actual Course itself!

The Auto Blog Blueprint 3.0 isn’t about Auto Blogging and Trash or Spam sites….It is about building Value Added Blogs that Run on Autopilot and Profit!

The Auto Blog Blueprint was originally released in November 2009 and it sold like crazy. It was purely a Word of Mouth product that grew through Reviews and Recommendations all over the Web. A product that wasn’t just an eBook, but a full fledged Training Course on How to Make Money Online with Auto Blogs. As the year progressed Google changed, new plugins and software were released, and the Auto Blog Blueprint evolved as well.

In June 2010, the Auto Blog Blueprint 2.0 was released and the Membership grew as well, adding over 3000 new members and the Reviews and Recommendations continued to pile in. The Auto Blog Blueprint 2.0 or ABB as we like to call it, continued to evolve and change to make things better and more profitable… Read more…

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